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About Azur Plus French Riviera


We, Sabine and Carin, met during a business meeting and exchanging our own experiences concerning settling into The French Riviera, we both agreed that it was very complicated to search for a rental or a house to buy even if you speak French. Remember this was just in the beginning of year 2000, when website search supports and Google maps did not exist!

Creation of Azur-Plus Relocation & Events

This encounter was to be the start of our long and fruitful partnership by creating Azur-Plus. Our company was founded in 2002 and its purpose is to provide personalised Relocation Services for expats and private individuals and to organise tailor made Events on The French Riviera.

Dynamic team

We are happy to have selected a multilingual and dynamic team that accompanies us in both activities.

Since the creation

The Azur-Plus team has relocated over more than 2500 assignees, families and individuals and have organised over 1000 successful events.
Many clients who have been helped to find a good rental have come back to ask for help to find a place to buy. This was the reason for starting our fully certified real estate agency AZURCASA Real Estate in 2008.


We are proud of having faithful local and international clients and we are looking forward to welcoming new clients.

About Azur Plus French Riviera


Carin Peirano Azur Plus French Riviera

Name: Carin Peirano

Nationality: Swedish

Languages: Swedish, French and English

Born in: Göteborg, Sweden

Moved to France: Year 2000

Home: The provençal village of Valbonne

Family: French husband and children

Sport: Mountain-biking, Yoga, Trekking, Skiing

Food: Organic

Drink: Water and wine from Provence of course!

Working experience: I have several years of working experience in the field of event organisation & training. I have developed, organised and managed numerous business projects and events both in Sweden and now in the South of France.

Motto: Take one thing at a time

Sabine Karlberg Azur Plus French Riviera

Name: Sabine Karlberg

Nationality: French-Swedish

Languages: Swedish, French, English and German Born in Malmö, Sweden Moved to France: Year 1999

Home: The sea front town of Antibes

Family: Swedish husband and children

Sport: Yoga, Skiing, Sailing and Walking

Food: Vegetarian

Drink: Rosé wine & Water

Working experience: My various assignments in Sweden, Japan and Switzerland, mostly in financial institutions, have allowed me to gain invaluable experience in the field of international mobility and event management.

Motto: It’s not about doing things right, but to do the right things

Sabine Karlberg Azur Plus French Riviera